Nevada Law and the National Firearms Act

Nevada Law and Class 3 Firearms

Fortunately for residents of Nevada, possession and ownership of Class III (Title II) firearms (e.g. short barreled rifles/shotguns, machine guns, silencers, etc.) is permitted within the confines of the NFA (See NRS 202.275(3)(b) and NRS 202.350(6), respectively). A qualified individual (or entity) can own and possess Class III (Title II) firearms and devices so long as they comply with the BATFE’s registration steps.

A Nevada resident needs to first purchase the Class III (Title II) firearm or item (but cannot take immediate possession) and then begin the registration process with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“BATFE”). Many options are available to a purchaser, including owning the items as an individual or through an entity (such as a corporation, limited liability company, or trust). Each method, whether it be owning as an individual or an entity, carries its own advantages and disadvantages that should be carefully considered.